Six Stages to Exterminate Thyself

I. Leave behind empty your rationality. It will no longer serve. Your actions need to be as base as the prey animal. II. Time to run. III. Time to hide. IV. Do not allow the pumping of mania from your heart that is now in your head to frenzy your actions and reveal your platform of concealment. V. Do not make a sound until you are certain of your surroundings. Any movement could give away your temporary location of false sanctuary. Do not stir the air around you; the smell of your fear excites your predator pursuers. Not until your path is clear and direct and all danger has passed out of sight and earshot can you come out of hiding to retreat yet again. VI. Do not think as a human, you are an animal and need to depend upon the purity of your instincts. Recondition your thoughts, your motivations and your morality.