Six Stages to Exterminate Thyself

I. Leave behind empty your rationality. It will no longer serve. Your actions need to be as base as the prey animal. II. Time to run. III. Time to hide. IV. Do not allow the pumping of mania from your heart that is now in your head to frenzy your actions and reveal your platform of concealment. V. Do not make a sound until you are certain of your surroundings. Any movement could give away your temporary location of false sanctuary. Do not stir the air around you; the smell of your fear excites your predator pursuers. Not until your path is clear and direct and all danger has passed out of sight and earshot can you come out of hiding to retreat yet again. VI. Do not think as a human, you are an animal and need to depend upon the purity of your instincts. Recondition your thoughts, your motivations and your morality.

Thee Room in Thee House

Enter the Great House and return to your room,

Return to the source of your powers,
Clean yourself in your room as you draw down the sun and the moon and the stars,
Return and purify,
Return and be clean and your powers have returned in your room,
Be clean in your room,
A white room with the black smell of burnt paper,
You can purify SPACE,
You can reset TIME,
You can cleanse all MATTER.
You will never be unclean in your white room,
You will be clean in your secret, black room whose door is cast by the shadow of the white room and in your black room with the smell of wet paper, you will wash the Beasts.
You will clean their fur with salt, seed and saliva,
The smells of the burning paper and the drowning paper,
The cleansing smells, this is the smell of clean animals under the ground in secret, black rooms and when you leave, 
You will chain the Beasts to the floor of their polished damnations,
You will keep them comfortable on beds of hair cut from your still dreaming childhood.

One of the responsibilities of the Housekeeper

The wolves of the world below the ground run up and down the walls of the house. A Housekeeper who neglects his wolves will soon find his stronghold collapsed and its guardians in the final act of suicide.


Camouflage this secret door to your secret room with secret and sad words written in invisible blood from lies that were never told as you prepare yourself beneath sheets and dust and rotting furniture in a house that has washed onto the bank of the River Lethe. Hide from Time who is afraid to enter. Mnemonically siphon what you can from those three days of darkness that became thirty-three days that became three hundred and thirty-three that became three thousand, three hundred and thirty-three, and synthesize an antidote to transmute the toxins of antitime so you can remember whom you are and whom you used to be and what you are supposed to do. Prepare your beast and your armor and your shield and your sword. Prepare to ride out for your great battle, and prepare for your holy crusade without a God and without a Devil.

Protection Spell Against Sleep Parasites

You need to stay on your side with your empty eye sockets and open wounds. You jumped the fence and you belong over there with your cruel kind. If you return, you will be torn to pieces by my dogs. Your bloody sheet will catch and tear on my patches of briar, thorn and horn and your true form will be exposed to the light of the moon, you will weaken and perish by the morning star. You are lost and need to stay over there with those other ones. These words will burn you as I speak them to you if you do not return to where you came from, even if you pray to your dead god of dead deconstructed things. You can kneel in your own blood as you pray. Return to your own blasted house that has been burnt, drowned and buried. Find your blunt and broken sword, your rusted armor and your skeletal beast and return. My dogs hair will stand on end and turn to needles if they sense your trespassing. It would be unwise for you to come back and whisper decomposing pictures into my ears while I sleep. They will protect me as these words protect me. They will dispell your form as these words dissolve your integrity and will.


I have kissed Purgatory and now it is on fire. Time for sleepwalking down Jacob's upside down, inside out ladder. Heaven is for dragon chasers and lonely messiahs and I simply cannot see it anymore.

Observation: 001

Mile marker 178 on 65 South is exactly 1/2 the distance from my house to my Mother's house. Traveling either North or South on 65, there is a time change (from CST to EST) that occurs between markers 198 and 204.

God is Ground

Ground is ground,
and sky is sky.
Devil is Devil,
and God is God.
There are hierarchies above,
and there are hierarchies below.
There are starry towers of white fire,
and there are chthonic pits of black water.
There is a house at the centre, inside out,
and there is a house in-between, upside down.
In this house, there is a ladder that goes up into the sleeping sky,
and in this house, there is a tunnel that goes down into the dreaming ground.
Floor is floor,
and ceiling is ceiling.
God is Devil,
and Devil is God.
I am me,
and me am I.

The Flesh ov thee Eye

UPON THESE CROWNED AND HORNED AND HOARY HEADS: these heads of many, this head of one. THE TONGUES SPOKEN ARE MANY (but sound as one) AND ARE DESCENDING with viral sonics. THE SIRENS scream out binary codes. I return to the Thorax Data Morgue with ear plugs and the death and rebirth of Legion and its new human host. The influences of quasi-catatonic materials need a container of skin and blood. The influences of unknown spaces can now be felt. Conjure Red, White and Black ectoplasmic tools. Twenty seven seals can prepare and anesthetize the room for ritual surgery. THEN VIRAL NAMES CAN INVOKE HOLES IN TIME AND SPACE, and the governing towers of Enochian Adam will release angelic prisoners for hostage negotiations. Spiral hooks rotate beneath skin, and cabal papers jar in the night with written words that bleed. Animals that see and speak in the dark hang upside down. Strange animals with carapaces sleep during the day in the cities of Man. Nocturnal animals with carapaces breach all earthen contracts and become rogue agents. THIS IS THE ARMOR TYPE OF THE NEW GOD OF THE MOUND. THIS IS THE ANIMAL OF THE NIGHT OF THE LAST AGE. This is the nocturnal, armored, hanging animal shielded from the weapons of Man (including the atom).The dug up paintings, found in the first sunken city, painted by blind prophets, OUTBREAK and rage. Invader vampirical doors open wide. Destructor doors merge together to form one door. I know she made ointment from another's blood and rubbed a doorway that tore open like long cuts. Now, he (Legion) sits with knives through his feet. He is a FALSE OBJECT and will never be able to read or write in this world. For him, books are sewn together. Books have their own needles and thread. For her, only, there are many drawings on a small table and open books that cover the floor, walls and ceiling, forever. UNNATURAL CYCLES unfold and also descend with their directive to re-write the core of our world. Blood can be air. The sky can breakdown to see in hidden gardens of dust and despair through flesh that too descends. The flesh of the eye looks into the hole and calls the sky to amputate. Hands that descend can turn the sky and pull the skin inside out. The animals of the other believers will bless ground for their children. They will talk with curved fingers and never tell hearts. They will strong the ground and ground the fire and the catapult. They will HOLD. The old body will open. The body will become. The spaces in rooms without windows or doors are a new shelter to reside. EYES THAT ARE HOLES IN INVISIBLE BODIES will warp the wolf of the door of the doppleganger that sees the layers for what they truly are with its eyes of flesh. Wash with wood.


The skin, the blood and the bone make up ONE. My left, old eye plus my right, new eye equals TWO. The body of the wasp and the body of the bee are divided into THREE. The earthen keys to the earthen doors are FOUR. The daubs of the mud nest and the honey of the wax hive equals FIVE. The barbarous names that are carried on the backs of flies, mosquitos and ticks are SIX. The angels of Hell and the angels of Heaven total SEVEN. The empty thrones of the upside down saints are EIGHT. The secret symbols and the holy signs are always NINE.

Axiom: 002

Three times three times three is a holy number.

Axiom: 001

The headless ape body of the decapitated body of God that de-evolutionarily rambles mindlessly across all places and all times of this world while the head of God sleeps in Darkness at the centre. The head too, is a (new) body and it pierces the skin of heaven with its horns as it tears the throat of hell with its teeth and drinks its blood.