Protection Spell Against Sleep Parasites

You need to stay on your side with your empty eye sockets and open wounds. You jumped the fence and you belong over there with your cruel kind. If you return, you will be torn to pieces by my dogs. Your bloody sheet will catch and tear on my patches of briar, thorn and horn and your true form will be exposed to the light of the moon, you will weaken and perish by the morning star. You are lost and need to stay over there with those other ones. These words will burn you as I speak them to you if you do not return to where you came from, even if you pray to your dead god of dead deconstructed things. You can kneel in your own blood as you pray. Return to your own blasted house that has been burnt, drowned and buried. Find your blunt and broken sword, your rusted armor and your skeletal beast and return. My dogs hair will stand on end and turn to needles if they sense your trespassing. It would be unwise for you to come back and whisper decomposing pictures into my ears while I sleep. They will protect me as these words protect me. They will dispell your form as these words dissolve your integrity and will.