Capture and Silence

Vows blight,
Your head turns backwards,
Foul by sun
Even in crevices,
Promises blister,
So quite now,
I can hear your thoughts from across the street,
This brutality,
Loves deep to sores,
From head to toe,
And surfaces,
And out.

Honor My Hive

With motion,
Crows blast meaning,
I trade the sublime, salt,
To wait for her,
Near the house I hung,
In my best, slow suit,
Like an orchestra of debris and self doubt,
I release bees,
And she erupts in petals,
Royal syrup share blossoms,
To fall this swarm,
And undress,
Pollen to bed,
Turns jelly to wax.

[Repurposed poetry/ a collaboration with Mr. Jimpers]