Rest (when you can for as little as you can [and dream])

Dig your trench deep and prepare yourself even more so. Set up your sentries, be vigilant and never rest with both eyes closed. Keep one eye always on the borderlands of the secret memories you hold dear beneath your uniform of mediocrity. Listen for the sounds of bastard intruders, for they will rummage through your past tragedies to steal anything that glimmers of hope or smells of innocence. Always maintan a tight patrol on these borders and allow your dogs to this frontier as they will. Let their violent nature guide them as they purify your territories from thieves and liars. They will protect your lands, preying upon defiliers as you seek respit. When you do sleep, dream hidden in the thickets of wild flowers, ivy and fallen branches. Prepare your thoughts as the sun rises and collect the remains of what was once you.