May God, Please God Damn Me

As I followed,
Myself as prey,
Feral offerings,
Of scat and owl vomit,
An alter of carrion crawlers,
And bombarder beetles,
Sunk animal spirits,
My molested totem,
Fondled by avatars,
My mouth,
Sewn shut,
Bury me,
Beneath a crossroads,
And beneath bare feet,
And horse drawn carts,
A tree for gallows,
To keep company,
A chopping block,
For choir,
Sung hymns,
To dusk,
Forgive me,
To lullabies,
Cursing the dawn,


[c] Snake// + Water v:URM

Dew dampened data,
Drop down,
Dampening fields,
And deep drains,
Premature algorithms,
Still dripping wet,
Barnacle encrusted hard drive,
Rusted downloads,
Drowning programs,
Mimicking carbon,
Penetrating oxygen.

Lay Me Siege

Cold moons,
My doctors,
And my pathogens,
Stop talking,
And resist,
Whale bone,
And dead scientists,
Thousands of feet,
From infected ground,
Leave this behind,
Back then,
They used to bite,
I need this,
I need you too.

The Catalyst

Is exploding,
It has to be,
At this time,
Here in this place,
And recorded,
Days contained,
And marked blurry,
A sea snail,
These scrapped hulls,
My hairless,
Empty shell,
And this the day washes,
And blown apart.