The Door to Your House

Your moisture,
In a house at dusk,
An occupant,
Skilled in skin,
Pore and saliva,
Bathe in wet salt,
In a slow house,
Anchored to a boat by the sea,
Your loss of self,
A drenched floor,
A perspiring ceiling,
A reluctant door.

Ritual Without Rite

Ritual without rite,
An empty hole,
Like water covering stone.
Passage without site,
An abandoned desire,
Like blood covering bone.
Power without might,
A broken vow,
Like metal covered by rust.
Vision without sight,
A lost soul,
Like debris covered by dust.
Dreams without night,
A blasted tower,
Like teeth without bite,
A stolen heart,
Like God all alone.
Like your Holy Wars,
Fought without a fight.