Heavy Eyes (White Dwarf Stars)

Lined with lead,
When let,
Loose to devices,
Your eyes,
Your left,
And your right,
Drill loneliness,
Through everything,
Stare down,
To the ground,
And to the world,
Through the core,
Through the mantel,
And magma,
Your exile,
A density,
Of a thousand moons,
An effigy,
To yourself,
Even alone,
Nothing is neutral,
As you fall through the other side of the world,

And into space.


Time Catches Its Reflection

It came into me,
Like a cannibal,
And left me,
In a coma,
As I fell,
In circles,
Prodded by ticks,
And tocked by every prick,
Laying each sick second,
Out across epochs,
Drawn raw,
And spread red,
Time even hates itself,
Hates itself to death.

I Poet or Whore

You have always been part of this,
Immaculately lush to military measure,
And wrapped in opiates,
I arrive medicated,
Tapped me to blankness,
A vacuum of you,
Watching me,
Until I am dry again,
Defining my sanity,
Lay waste my armor,
You stab and shoot me,
I stand rabid,
Aching down to subtle body,
Tasting time,
And forced to breathe,
Just moments,
To unfold into the possible,
Proof of the little I offer this world,
Straining human evolution,
And closing the windows of time,
My new poems,
To my own throat,
A new weapon,
Your arsenal,
Bloated closets,
Of my maps and pages.

[Repurposed poetry/ a collaboration with Mr. Jimpers]