Syntax glyph ended,
Help is on the way,
Open folded membraned,
Coding gas giants,

I need more codeine,
Binary consumed,
Drumming hollow,
Drowning the stars,
Below ice sheets,
Of Jurassic hacked hardware,
It was a prison,
The guards were also devoured,
Gamma talismans,
Etched on bath house tiles,
Beneath abandoned subway stations,
And evacuate,
Contaminated magicks,
Oxygen cursed skryings,
Exorcist response unit,
With rabid seeing eye dogs.

Pick Up Sticks

Pick up sticks,
And lilies,
Tied to lies,
And tied to stones,
With dampness,
And humans,

And monsters,
Beaks and broke wings,

Fresh wounds,
And nakedness
Marry snakes,
Besiege my stronghold,
Mold my murder,

Your alibi,
As I cut your throat,
Throw me to the street,
And make out with Jack the Ripper,

In the gutter.

Slit and Weak Warheads (Invasion)

I disciple,
My bodies,
On the surface,

On the outside
And to air,
Scriptures and codex,

Inside out,
Upside down,

Blind eye beams,
In fear,
Laid down,
Lock target,

Close on your tongue,
The soft of your mouth,
So cold,
I disciple,
My bodies,
So cold too.