Capture and Silence

Vows blight,
Your head turns backwards,
Foul by sun
Even in crevices,
Promises blister,
So quite now,
I can hear your thoughts from across the street,
This brutality,
Loves deep to sores,
From head to toe,
And surfaces,
And out.

Honor My Hive

With motion,
Crows blast meaning,
I trade the sublime, salt,
To wait for her,
Near the house I hung,
In my best, slow suit,
Like an orchestra of debris and self doubt,
I release bees,
And she erupts in petals,
Royal syrup share blossoms,
To fall this swarm,
And undress,
Pollen to bed,
Turns jelly to wax.

[Repurposed poetry/ a collaboration with Mr. Jimpers]


More Transmissions from a Scorched Earth

These poems,
Are destruction,
Masking symptoms,
And cocooning ghosts,
The weak perish,
Inheriting ash,
Covering suns,
With blankets,
Draw baths,
With waters waning,
For moons,
Waiting for passage,
Long a transport,
And seeking,
Hundreds of years of sleep.