The Watcher on the Borderland

See through me,
And see through the world.
Warp what you see,
Like a door.
You shine in the night,
And see in the dark.
Burnt through metal,
Case shard peal, copper and brass,
You melt alloys,
You see underwater,
You see through typhoons.
Devastate me with secrets,
From that which you tirelessly watch.
Complete the holes in me,
By opening wide your eyes,
And showing me how to see.

His House

Hold down prey animal,
And eat alive,
Soft, white kind,
Breed born bound,
And even more soft, pink crevices.
Steal both wounds and words,
Spelling names with sickles and scythes,
Spoken stabbings of syntax,
Shredded and left as carrion,
Gutted on the floors of the house,
Of he who will not leave his own house.

Soft Machine Surgery

Activate new soft machine installation,
Stasis mode in 33 minutes and 3 seconds,
Life support disengaged.
Test connections and tissue compatibility.
Delete redundant data sharing,
And rewrite spatial parameters.
Introduction of self contained periphery upgrade.
Call up all base nucleotide files,
And recombinant codexes.
Initiate automatic circulatory protocol,
Through primary epidermal platform for backup.
Manual device input required to save template.
Transfer pass codes through skin contact, And add additional security clearances,
Through airborne transmitters.
Load talismanic neuron keys,
And fetish secretion maps,
Clean and reorganize all system logs prior to fluid purge.
Power core at 99%,
Open cavity and remove bone drive,
Install genetic cartridge,
And reboot.