Writings of a Geomantic Nature

[I am facing 523 degrees South East.]
My hands and feet are cold.

[I am facing 237 degrees South West.]
I feel complete in the midst of debris.

[I am facing 120 degrees South East.]
I do not want to be hairy on the inside anymore.

[I am facing 173 degrees South.]
I have a strange taste of blood in my mouth.

[I am facing 73 degrees East.]
My star has fallen. I am tip-toeing across the floor so my nails will not click on the wood.

[I am facing 73 degrees East.]
My friend had a dream about brutally killing a shark. I cannot get the image out of my head. I told her that she had murdered a part of herself and it was a mercy killing.

[I am facing 299 degrees North West.]
I am looking for drawings about war. I am weary of answering questions.

[I am facing 313 degrees North West.] I am NOT an agent of chaos, but I might be a puppet.

[I am facing 112 degrees East.]
My house shoes are missing. I have noticed lately that various items are moved or lost for small amounts of time and returned to the place I left them and already looked. Dials, buttons and other mechanisms are moved, pushed back, etc. I thought it was me being forgetful, preoccupied or for drinking too much in the evening after work. I do not want to fuel these occurrences, but I am keeping a close eye on the small things. I also sleep with three alarm clocks as of late.

[I am facing 172 degrees South.]
I am hairy on the inside, but silver armor encases it. I wear golden armor on the outside and silver on the inside.

[I am facing 274 degrees West.] It is the armored warrior who forever battles the fanged and clawed, hairy Beast. Both are wrong and both are right.

[I am facing 42 degrees North East.]
I do not feel well. The front of my mind is numb and I cannot concentrate. I have washed my face three times today and changed my clothes four times. I feel obliterated. A small black hole is pushing on the inside of my skull and trying to get out.

[I am facing 182 degrees South.]
A star "can not breathe without noise."

[I am facing 306 degrees North West.]
Last night, I did find a nozzle left open on purpose closed. I am seriously monitoring these phenomena and leaving simple devices with dials, switches and levers at certain noted positions. This activity seems to be isolated to these types of apparatuses.

[I am facing 103 degrees East.]
She always talks to the bus driver every day, even though it is usually a different person. I find this strange, as though she is paying him homage for transporting her. She is very beautiful.

[I am facing 0 degrees North.]
My GOD is Chaos and I hate Him. I am not His servant, but I am forced to knell before Him.

[I am facing 120 degrees East.]
I do not like being alone.

[I am facing 215 degrees North.]
I am attempting to eradicate all signs of my daily activities, like erasing your footprints in the cold dirt.

[I am facing 112 degrees East.]
I am mutating prayers.

[I am facing 306 degrees North West.]
There is a significant difference between a house and a home. A house is an empty shell. A home is a feeling that encases you when you are away. I am very anxious about these words.

[I am facing 0 degrees South.]
Today, I am allowing you to see these words for the first time. The End.